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What are the fabrics mostly apply for?

Lycra spandex is the fabrics we usually apply for the suit tailoring. Spandex or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is strong, but less durable than its major non-synthetic competitor, natural Latex. It is a polyurethane-polyurea copolymer.


Where is the zipper located? Can the zipper be placed wherever it can?

The zipper is located at the back of the suit. The zipper starts at the top of the head and go straight down to the back spine. Nefsuits also specially design a bunch of suit with front zipper attached on. We’ve experienced a lot on how to wear the suit and starting at the back is the easiest way, even you can put it on without any extra hands.


How to wear and unzip?
Most of nefsuits are attached with back zipper from top of head to the end of your back spine, then craves after unzipping is huge enough to have your entire body entered. Just try put on the suit by starting at feet and straight up to arms, flipping the top of suit to cover your head, and finally zip up to enjoy the joy and fun Nefsuits bring to you. Check our instruction on facebook, you will be well informed on how to wear Nefsuits by following the graphics posted. 


What I have to do when comes to the time of using the bath room?

This may become a headache when it comes to situation to use bathroom, nefsuits can special make a crotch zipper to solve this problem.


Can I see through them?

It’s kind of hard to see through the suits with a vague view neither does the people can see in you. It’s recommended to extra cut the eyes or face aperture on the suit so you can clearly see outside. 

How to wash them?

It will be the best to have the suit handwash in cold water and then hang to dry. Please don’t bleach or iron your Nefsuits since it may easily get color faded. Please be sure to set the lowest water heat if you prefer washing machine to save time.


Do you provide custom made service?
Nefsuits provide you a wide sizing range plus with understandable size chart for further reference. Custom made the suit could be one of our future services but it just temporarily unavailable for all customers.


Can I change the color you don't have?
We got our own design for all suits, the keeping of current style and color may 100% reflect for the original design. Nefsuits set with strict schedule for style updating, if you like to get more funny Nefsuits, then please stay tune with us.